One School. One Alumni. One Dream. Together.
sjoba foundation

SJOBA is perhaps one of the most successful alumni associations in the country. It has grown and sustained itself since 1980.Sjoba started with 17 members and now it boasts of over 4000 members, across all continents. It indulges in lots of activities which are carried out meticulously by the incumbent team for the year. The mandate for SJOBA is to raise just enough money on its own to see it through the year and leave just adequate amount for the next committee to kick start its new year.

A time came when the alumni, who are doing well for themselves and spread all over the world, felt the need to give back to its Alma Mater and wanted to know how. Thus in 2003 seven Old Boys, namely: Manmohan Sarin,Vivek Vahi, Sps Ghai,Yashovardhan Saboo,Ajay Tiwari,Pranav Gupta and Chitranjan Agarwal, got together and had SJOBA FOUNDATION registered on the 26th of September. The foundation started with a corpus of Rs 1.75 Lac contributed equally by the seven above. This has, since, become a vehicle for the alumni to connect with the school on a different and a more serious level through the following aims and objects of the organization.

  1. To promote, develop and encourage the advancement of education, literacy, sports, culture and social service.
  2. To provide and arrange reliefs supports and guidance to the poor and needy and deserving students and other persons in general, irrespective of any considerations of sex, class, community and/ or religion.
  3. To provide and arrange scholarships, endowments, research fellowships and/ or similar support for the furtherance of education, sports, culture, social service, and other related activitiesin general.
  4. To arrange and organize lectures, debates, discussions and seminars for diffusion of knowledge and promotion of education.
  5. To provide, support and/or promote any/all such facilities which are engaged in the furtherance of education, sports, culture, social service and/or related activities.
  6. To provide means for promotion and advancement of the objects mentioned above.
  7. To do all such other things as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any other objects of general public utility.

PROVIDED, however, that for all cases to be funded by the foundation, the foundation, through the board, shall act if an association is established with the school.The high and lofty ideals of the foundation at the end are to produce an Olympian or a Nobel Laureate in the near future.

Today, the foundation has about 80 members and a corpus of about 27 lacs. This, by any stretch of imagination, is not enough for us to achieve our goals. Therefore, we need more members to to come forward and join the organization so that we can increase our corpus and have more money to spend effectively towards our goals. The foundation is registered under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and will soon be obtaining registration under the Foreign Contributions Regulations Act,