One School. One Alumni. One Dream. Together.
Principal’s Message:

The true test of a school’s worth lies not merely in the success of its students. Perhaps, more importantly, the acid test lies in the answer to the questions…..

Does its students come back to say hello?
Are they proud of their alma mater?
Do they give back to the institution that nurtured them?

I am delighted to say that the answer to all three questions, as far as SJOBA goes, is a resounding….YES!

That each one of you is a success in your own field, is a ‘given’. It goes without saying that every Johnian walks tall….a triple H young man…Head Held High…..with the famous Johnian “attitude” carrying you through each challenge with elan! What very few realise, however, is that the true secret behind your success is that each one of you has imbibed the deep set of values that your school has given you, and that is what makes you truly rare in a world where friendships, loyalty and spirituality are often sacrificed and betrayed on the altar of self interest.

Coupled with this, what matters so much to us, is the fact that you love your school. It gives us such immense pleasure when you’ll so actively engage in the school activities…..when you’ll come back to quietly walk the corridors and the fields, reliving happy memories…..when you’ll drop by to say a simple ‘hello’…..when we are privileged to attend your weddings….and the day you proudly bring your young sons to be enrolled in the very school you grew up in.

May the good Lord bless each one of you and may you always continue to be the eagles that soar above the wind….majestic, royal and free.

Pro Deo et Patria.

Mrs. Kavita C. Das

Principal, St. Johns High School