Dear Johnians,

At the outset, on behalf of the Team SJOBA 2018-19, we shall like to thank you all and especially the Collegium of Past Presidents for handing over the baton to us and giving us the privilege of leading SJOBA.Continuing with our alumni’s rich legacy, let me assure you, on behalf of my entire Team of Executives, that we shall strive to further strengthen and uphold the values of our Alma Mater and the spirit of SJOBA throughout the tenure.

Our beloved Alma Mater – St John’s High - completes 59 glorious years in 2018. Only history decides when organisations become institutions, institutions become landmarks and landmarks become heritage. St Johns today is not just an educational institution but part of the city’s proud heritage. St Johns is reputed for developing an extensive set of consequential leaders in a wide variety of fields. Our Alma Mater has evolved as a world class educational institution where ideas and dreams take birth and are nurtured to produce some of the finest students who have become leaders in various fields ranging from Public service, Law, Artists, Sportspersons, Corporate, Medicine, Engineering, Applied Sciences, Entrepreneurs etc. St Johns has been & continues to be a magical canopy where academic and all round excellence is combined with lifelong relationships. It is this bonding and relationships that have made SJOBA boast of over 3500 alumni spread across the globe, one of the largest and most active alumni group amongst all schools.

The last few years of SJOBA have witnessed exciting and enthusiastic participation from Johnians. Beaming groups of former classmates, nostalgia of school days, competition & camaraderie on the Johns sports fields, joy and surprise of meeting your batch mates after years; formed lasting memories and added to the exuberance of the numerous events organized by SJOBA for its members regularly over the years. Apart from promoting fellowship and providing a platform for the Johnians to stay connected with their Alma Mater, SJOBA has also been very liberal in providing support for the development of Infrastructure at St Johns and pitching in to fulfill the requirements of St Johns and Johnians in various areas. We are all witnessing tremendous change in the recent years, I feel that as we grow, and SJOBA has definitely grown from strength to strength, we must also take time & reflect on the journey so far & the journey ahead.

Times have changed, we are today living in a virtual world & in Real time contact with most of our near & dear ones & the people who matter. There is now a tsunami of info exchange and filtering what we desire & require is a task in itself. In this context itself, we need to make SJOBA more meaningful & relevant and the bond stronger. We must look at ways to make SJOBA more inclusive by making more members & making it easier for Johnians to be members. We need to strengthen the membership base of SJOBA as today we are only at 40% of our potential member base. We shall like to request each of you to coax all your Johnian Friends &batchmates who are non members to become members of SJOBA. We also need to update our data base to make it more relevant. We must see how we can exploit and optimize use of technology to achieve our SJOBA Goal, Dream & Vision. Our platforms of communication & interaction amongst members have to be strengthened. We need to give the members more opportunities to contribute, and to share and to acknowledge their role in SJOBA.

We must ensure that it is not only the nominated team for the current year that is contributing but all the members have to be coaxed into contributing. We need to institutionalize the processes so that continuity of Ideas and action is maintained and the "Friends of SJOBA", who are committing & contributing to SJOBA don't feel stranded. Each new team, brimming with enthusiasm & passion, comes with a new set of plans & ideas. We too have a lot of ambitious projects lined up for the current year, right from development of School Infrastructure, scholarship, mentorship & training programs for students, Fellowship of Johnians and much more. We have been discussing about starting some new projects like the "SJOBA Leadership Awards", the "Gurudakshina" and creating a “SJOBA Fund“ for supporting the school & ensuring that the school remains updated with the latest technology & systems to ensure that the Johnians receive the best.

All of the above will not be possible without your dedicated support and your commitment to ensure that the SJOBA Flag keeps flying high. Let’s make a beginning, to try & become more relevant & beneficial to not only our members but also to our Alma Mater, our teachers, staff and our society at large.

Lets start the journey. May God help us & guide us on our way forward. Keep your ideas ,thoughts and feedback pouring in.

Needless to say, my team & I shall be available 24 * 7 for any assistance. We shall keep you posted on the developments & upcoming events and request you to kindly join us for all the events and much more.

Wishing you all an Eventful & fun Filled Year ahead.
With Best Regards & Good Wishes,
On Behalf of Team SJOBA 2018-19